Suffolk Escape News

Suffolk is wet but thankfully no flooding here!
Feb 11, 2014

Suffolk is wet but thankfully no flooding here!

Just to let everybody know we have been lucky over in the east and have no serious flooding compared to our friends in the south west and Thames valley.   We have had a lot of wet weather but it has been constant thing with not heavy downfalls by the time it reaches us so the rivers, ditches and drains are managing to cope well.  The cabins lake is not impacted at all as being man made it sits high up and  we built double the overflow systems that are normally required just in case anything went wrong but the primary system has coped absolutely fine.

Even in the strong winds the cabins stand up well and guests have loved sitting all cosy in their cabins with the wood stove alight watching the winds and rain outside the window.

The farm itself is very wet.  We have never know the fields to be so very very wet and even the meadows are saturated so we have brought the sheep and pigs into the barns to give them a break from the weather and a chance for them to dry out as bit!

Our thoughts are with our fellow farmers in the south west whose land is underwater and they have saved the livestock they could but I am sure some has been lost.

Take care everybody in this weather, it looks like there is not break in the weather for a while, hopefully we will see you for a cosy escape if you need to get away.

Warm regards