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Stop Relax and Unwind in our Bathrooms
Jun 09, 2015

Stop Relax and Unwind in our Bathrooms

“Stop, Relax and Unwind” in The Suffolk Escape’s luxurious en-suite bathrooms.

Stop: We like to make things effortless for our guests so they can stop and switch off. This is where the small details come in such as hooks right by the walk in shower to hang your bathrobe and towel, heat pads behind the mirrors so they do not steam up and his and hers basins with plenty of cupboard space underneath.

Relax: The highlight in each of our bathrooms is the large freestanding stone baths made by Castello.  They are incredibly comfortable to lie in and so much so that Sir Richard Branson has just put them into his newly refurbish Necker Island!

Unwind: We have designed two lighting schemes so you can just have soft, gentle, lighting around the base of the bath.   To really help you unwind you can also play your favourite relaxing music through the inbuilt speakers.