The swimming pool otherwise known as the “Sheep Dip” is a heated indoor pool which is exclusively for our Sheepyard guests only. It is approx 1.1m deep and the pool is 6.5m x 3.5m.

The pool has a Fastlane counter current swim machine which creates a flow to swim against to enable good fitness swimming. The machine has 40+ power settings and is suitable for those training at the highest level down to those learning to swim.

The Fastlane machine is perfect for those training for Triathlons/Iron Man or open water swimmers as there is no requirement to make turns which best replicates swimming in open water…just head down and go for it!

The system is also useful as low impact exercise for those recovering from injuries.

The Sheep Dip has two internal viewing windows, one from the kitchen and one from the hallway so it s easy to keep a close eye on activity in the pool.

It is an unsupervised pool so is used at guests own risk and parents are responsible for their own children in the pool.