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Pamper Yourself With The White Company
Apr 23, 2013

Pamper Yourself With The White Company

The Suffolk Escape and The White Company have joined forces to give our guests a refined bathing experience.  The cabins come with White Company fresh and zesty toiletries including bath and shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and luxury soap.  All of the products feature The White Company’s classic fragrance, with top notes of citrus combined with rose, jasmine and orange.

Our guests are loving the collection on offer and enjoy the high quality these luxury products offer them.

How about the perfect soak…the bath gel is ideal to pour into the large stone baths to create fragrant bubble bath…then turn the low level mood lighting on…select the music speakers and listen to your favourite iPod tunes…finally pour a glass of champagne and lie back, relax and unwind.

Why not book an escape and experience this for yourself.