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Logs in Store
Nov 30, 2017

Logs in Store

Wood, wood, wood everywhere! We have been hard at work on the farm, cutting, splitting and storing logs…and we need a lot!

Our log cabins all have wood burning stoves (as well as central heating) to keep them cosy in chilly weather like this. Do not worry if you have not used one before, we supply a pile of logs, kindling, firelighters and even a “how to” video guide.

At the new Sheepyard Barn we need a large pile of wood to fuel our Biomass Boiler that supplies all the hot water, underfloor heating, heat for the swimming pool and hot tub. It means harvesting, splitting an stacking over 15tons of wood a year… that is a lot of work but it does mean guests staying at the barn can relaxing knowing their holiday is pretty much carbon neutral!

Another popular demand for wood is for our pizza oven at the Sheepyard Barn. It is really important that we use very dry, hard wood which burns at a very high heat to ensure the perfect pizza with a crispy base. We use Ash trees which are very dense, we have to split the wood into thin logs and dry for a year to two so the moisture is below 20% moisture.

…oh and on a cold day like this another important demand for logs is the wood stove keeping our office toasty and warm as it is book-keeping day!