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How to use our Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Nov 26, 2018

How to use our Wood Fired Pizza Oven

We’re very proud of the wood fired pizza oven at our Sheepyard Barn and encourage all who stay at the barn to have a go at making their own pizzas and cooking them in the oven. It’s a really fun activity that all generations enjoy whether involved in the dough making, adding toppings, the 2 minutes of actual cooking or applying the vital finishing touches to the pizza once cooked. There is also something rather primitive about cooking with only fire and  most importantly, for pizzas, it is by far the best way to cook them!

Our pizza oven package provides everything you need to make approximately 10-12 pizzas, including full instructions of how to use the wood fired pizza oven and all equipment. You just need to bring along your own toppings and set aside some time to be creative in bringing your pizza’s to a lovely, bubbling delight ready to eat!

It doesn’t stop there….after you’ve all got together to make the crispiest, tastiest pizzas, you can then use the residual heat from the pizza oven to slow cook a meal over night, ready for lunch the next day. We recommend a shoulder of pulled pork in local apple juice as a delicious and simple recipe.

Take a look at our video on how to use the wood fired pizza oven. Have fun and happy pizza making!