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Great House Restaurant Review
Oct 18, 2017

Great House Restaurant Review

We get asked on a daily basis what the best places to eat are. So we thought it would be useful to offer our own restaurant review service as we try places that we think could be of interest to our guests. At the weekend we visited:

The Great House Restaurant at Lavenham

This, in our opinion, is the place to go in Suffolk for a fine dining experience. The French fusion creations are beautifully presented and taste incredible. My fillet steak was perfectly cooked and the fish was fresh and perfectly seasoned. The desserts were delicious and a superb range. The accompanying wines selected by Maitre D’, Thierry, were excellently paired.

I will not talk more about the food, just trust me I am sure you will be delighted. However the element that makes this a truly unique venue is the service this fully French team offer. I believe great service comes from a team you do not notice and that is so true here. Wine is topped up without you even being aware and waiters knows exactly which dish is for which diner at the table…sadly a rare experience these days. These little details show the care and subtle details that make the difference.

They offer a great value menu in the mid-weeks for the experience you get.

Distance: 20mins from the Suffolk Escape

Taxi Fee: approx £20-25 o/w