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Barn Owl Spotted at the Cabins!
Oct 03, 2012

Barn Owl Spotted at the Cabins!

I am very excited…I have just seen a stunning barn owl hunting around around the log cabin site!  Hopefully we will see more of it over the coming weeks, as the lake is encouraging a wider spectrum of wildlife/prey, large and small.

Wayne, our kitchen designer, has travelled the world photographing wildlife and is going to help us develop bird watching hides around the farm to help guests spot these & other wildlife.   Wayne is going to survey the farm and help us to produce a list of wildlife you can hope to spot and photograph.  We will create some guides with the hides marked so you can choose one to use and have an idea what could be seen and perhaps practice your photography skills.

(PS the image is for not taken by me, but if I get the chance I will try and snap it!)