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Barn Heating
Nov 07, 2016

Barn Heating

The new barn project is coming along well we are fully water tight and busy plaster boarding out the inside. The plasters arrive in a fortnight. Progress is going well and we are still on schedule for Easter 2017. We will be publishing our rates next week and opening up the calendar for bookings.

Over the coming weeks we thought it would be useful to share a few of the features the property will have. Firstly…”Keeping Warm”.

The barn has been highly insulated and should be nearly airtight, ensuring no drafts or cold spots and is fully heated by underfloor heating to ensure guests will be cosy and warm. The building is highly sustainable with most of the heat coming via a biomass (log/pellet) boiler using timber from our and other nearby woodland. We have the first year or two’s timber felled, all split, stacked and drying nicely. The boiler should provide all the heat for the house, domestic hot water, the swimming pool and the hot tub too! There is also a heat recovery system so no heat is wasted and there is always fresh air in the building…further details in another post.

Biomass DSC_0700 PLasterboarding