Swimming Lessons

Transform your experience in the water

If you’re staying in the Sheepyard Barn, enjoy the tranquillity and exclusivity of the indoor pool, the “Sheep Dip”, with swimming lessons in the Shaw Method with Jessica Bell of Swim Freely. Whatever your starting point, ability or need, Shaw Method lessons will help you develop a positive relationship with the water so that you allow it to support and help you instead of struggling against it.

Jessica provides hands-on guidance from within the water, helping you to feel the correct pattern of movement and build confidence. You could have a one to one lesson or share a lesson with a friend.

Combining a lesson with your stay allows you the time and focus to address a water based need or simply to have a relaxing experience in the water. You may like to have:

personal swimming lessons suffolk escape
  • swim check and master your preferred stroke
    Are you a competent swimmer with a competition goal ahead of you? Do you get out of the pool feeling exhausted despite maintaining a fit and active lifestyle? Would you like your stroke to feel more efficient?
  • An introduction to the Shaw Method
    Heard of the method before? Not heard but intrigued? Would like to find out what it’s all about? Would like to find a new and effortless way to swim?
  • relaxing and exploratory water experience
    Have you ever considered the water as a place to unwind, free yourself of tension and an activity to walk away from feeling refreshed, relaxed and with a sense of well-being?
  • An opportunity to build confidence in a private and safe environment
    Do you have a fear of water or would like to build confidence and feel comfortable in the water? Are you a parent/grandparent who would like to enjoy the water with children/grandchildren without feeling unease at being in the water?
  • Learn to swim or learn a new stroke
    Have you never got around to learning to swim? Do you only swim one stroke and would like to incorporate another to broaden your water based exercise activity? Are you recovering from an injury and would like to take up swimming as part of a safe and rehabilitative method of exercising?
one to one swimming lessons suffolk escape

There are many reasons to treat yourself to a swimming lesson but hopefully realising your swimming goals will be just one outcome of your lesson. Jessica is passionate about providing a relaxing and unique experience where you’ll feel the difference.

For more information about Jessica and the Shaw Method, please visit www.swimfreely.co.uk. Feel free to give Jessica a call on 07971 343787 or email jessica@swimfreely.co.uk to discuss or make a booking. Booking in advance is essential.

Sheepyard Barn rates:

1:1 lesson
45mins                 £30
60mins                 £35

2:1 lessons
45mins                 £15 per person
60mins                 £17.50 per person

If five members of your party would like a lesson or you’d like to book five lessons over the period of your stay, you’ll receive a 10% discount off the total price.

Please note, a cancellation fee of 50% of the lesson rate will be charged if a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.